Are You an Entrepreneur?

Creating a business from scratch is usually the most exciting path of one’s career. During this journey, many entrepreneurs face challenges such as limited financial resources, network, competence, time or simply not knowing which path to choose.

However, good news! You do not have to walk the way alone! We consider your success as our success and work hands-on with you.

How We Work with Entrepreneurs

Step 1

To get an overview on how we might help you, we discuss your business idea over a cup of coffee.

Step 2

If it is suitable to work together, we conduct a workshop to identify how we can improve your business.

Step 3

Together with you, we do the job to be done.

Step 4

Job is completed! Time to celebrate and outline the next steps for your project.

Services for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business, developing a product or solving a social problem? Depending on where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we offer several tailored services and fixed programs to fit your needs:


Get Founded

A package to see if your idea worth to  start a business and if so do it fast.

Get Intro

A 5 day introduction course to entrepreneurship.

Get Insight

A key to see the future of your busniess idea. 

Oppstart i 100

An entrepreneurship program for 50+ year olds supported by Innovation Norway, with our partner SISU Business.


Get Insight

A key to see the future of your busniess idea. 

Market Validation

A validation of your idea through focus groups by lean insight.

Design Sprint 2.0

A rapid process to tackle challenges and develop new or improve existing products and services.

Business Development

A primary business set up for your company’s future.


Get Invested

An opportunity to receive investment, even without a large capital base.

CFO for Hire

A tailored CFO service until you decide how to manage it.

Want to learn more about our programs and services?